Light aircraft over the Nazca lines!


It’s a 3 hour flight to Lima and Tom and I pick up some breakfast at the airport before boarding our flight.

Before we know it the plane is touching down in Lima  (for a change we swiftly pass through customs and baggage collection). After some confusion we locate an  iPeru tourist information point. They’re extremely helpful, providing us with a number of leaflets and explaining about ‘Green Taxis’ (as a prepaid/safe taxi service from the airport).

Tom has decided that it is best to head straight to Nazca from Lima, so we book a taxi to and go directly to the  main Cruz Del Sur bus station.

The bus arrives in the evening and Tom and I find a room at Guang Zhou for 40 Soles (£5) which includes breakfast. It’s time to dump the bags and explore a bit, so we walk around the main strip deciding to test Peruvian delicacies at a place called Los Angeles.


The breakfast is up on the roof which takes a while to find as this place is a huge maze of rooms! It’s a breakfast of more bread and jam before checking out and finding an office where we can book a light aircraft over the Nazca Lines.

It doesn’t take us long and we find a really good deal for $85 (US Dollars) per person and book our flight which includes pickup and return to Nazca. The tour operator offers us a number of other trips to go sand boarding, visiting pyramids and mummies but feeling very tired from the constant travelling we opt for spending the rest of the day blogging and chilling by the pool.

Next stop is to book our tickets to Arequipa via the Cruz Del Sur bus depot and once our tickets are secured we make our way back to the tour operator to be picked up for viewing the lines.

At the airport we are weighed and much to my dismay I’ve porked up to 90kg since Thailand, where I weighed 84kg and India was an even better 79kg but this was due to the stomach bug! To bide our time we watch a video called the Nazca Lines: the buried secrets and then board the flight with two other travellers.

It is pretty stomach churning as the light aircraft drops from side to side to give us a closer view of the lines. I am feeling really queasy but not as much as the girl sat next to Tom who violently throws up her breakfast into a sick bag!

The lines are really interesting and I wonder at how and why they were made; one theory is that the tribe in this area worshipped animals as they believed that the animals survived in the harsher climates so they wanted to have the power to do the same.

Tom and I spend the rest of the day blogging and drinking a few Cristal beers before heading to the bus to move onto to Arequipa.

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