Altitude sickness and being pick-pocketed in Cuzco!

12/3/13 – Arrive in Cuzco

On the journey my sleep is disturbed, cannot eat and feel really sick (the travel pills helped to knocked me out for a few hours) and had to get the steward to bring me a sick bag (thankfully for Tom I did not vomit).

I now think that I may have altitude sickness as my head hurts and I have an upset stomach. After we depart the bus, sort the bags, taxi it to the main plaza where we walk to Millhouse Backpackers & Hotel (we have booked the Machu Picchu trek with the Bamba Experience them through STA and they’re located in Millhouse) but they have no rooms available.

I manage to get a meeting with the Manager of Bamba to possibly cancel or change my trekking options, so I am doing less of it. Next we see if Loki Guest House which seems to be a bit of a party place, full of young, spoilt brats who love to get drunk and stay up all night aka Vang Vieng! The reception show us an overpriced dingy room below the bar which hasn’t even been cleaned and still has a condom in the bin? They apologise and ensure that the room will be cleaned but we decide to store our bags with them and go and look for some other places that Tom has spotted on Tripadvisor.

The first place we look at is 5 soles more expensive and has an en suite bathroom and it’s meant to be really quiet as well, which is perfect for me as I cannot deal with anymore noisy nights! Hastily we collect our bags, settle in, freshen up with a scorching shower and drop off the laundry before heading back to Bamba for the meet. The manager agrees that I can skip all the trekking and catch-up with the rest of the group a day before viewing Machu Picchu…WOOP WOOP.

One late lunch later and I find a place to get a much-needed facial and pedicure for 90 soles (about £22), Tom goes back to the room and while being pampered I get carried away and forget that we have a briefing, a few anxious texts from Tom and with painted toes still waiting to dry, Tom brings me some flip-flops and we run all the way to the meeting!

During the briefing they divulge that Tom has to get up at 4.30am and do a 18km trek on the first day, 22km trek on the second and 7km trek on the 3rd day! There are no showers or toilet facilities, just going in the bush? Plus the second day of camping temperatures are a s low as -2. Poor sod, he has a massive grin on his face and is really excited (mad man) and I get to see him again after the third day of trekking.

When the brief is finished we check out the hire shops and rent/buy a few pieces that Tom didn’t bring with him before he packs up his stuff, really tired I crash out early to wake up to some seriously loud clubbing music which carries on  until 4.00am, so Tom doesn’t get much sleep before having to go!

13/3/13 – Headache/stomach

I try to get some more sleep and wake up at 9.30am for a really disappointing jam and bread breakfast, going back to the room to try to sleep but the music kicks off again at 10.00am, so I lie in bed (note to self must get some ear plugs).

Don’t venture too far to get some lunch and toiletries  before heading back to finish blogging – Tom is already on Vietnam so seriously need to catch up!

14/3/13  – 15/3/13

The noise outside from clubland kept me up until 1.00am, tired I don’t get up until 9.30am, miss breakfast, not so keen on anymore bread and jam! While in the shower reception phone to see if I am still alive?

Generally I spend the day emailing friends before, doing lunch, a bit of shopping and a reconnaissance for finding my way to tonight’s briefing, as I don’t have to move on until the 16th 😉 Tom has left me a small budget and I’m still feeling ill with headaches and stomach upsets so don’t really eat much.

At lunch I stumble upon a really cheap restaurant with a set menu for 14 soles…will have to take Tom here when we get back from visiting Machu.

The briefing was cancelled yesterday, so I have to make my way there again this evening which is really annoying as on the way I get a bit lost (too many twisting roads and little alley ways), it’s dark and pouring down with rain and the next thing someone is shouting behind me, I sort of ignore it and only stop when someone grabs my arm at the same time and I feel someone brush past me really quickly. I shake the guy off and carry on walking.

At the briefing the manager explains that someone will meet me at the hotel and take me to a train station where I then board a train to the town nearest to  Machu and a rep will pick me up from the train station and take me to the hotel.

After the meet I get back to the hotel and discover my key has been picked from my pocket in the scuffle earlier, I go into a bit of a panic and cannot sleep properly imagining that someone will creep into the room in the middle of the night!

Cathedral, Cuzco

Cathedral, Cuzco

Tom in the Plaza de Armas

Tom in the Plaza de Armas

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