Disappointed with misty Machu Picchu!


Really good start to the day chatting to an elderly American lady over breakfast re travelling and being bored with bread and jam and tea without milk!

At 10.00am a rep from Bamba comes to collect me and we take a taxi to another shared taxi point where I’m left on my own with a taxi driver that speaks no English and tickets for the train! This is really terrifying and not the escorted service to the station as discussed yesterday.

When we finally get to the station, I don’t get anytime for lunch so have to grab a milky bar and Inca Cola for 10 soles 😦 On the train I meet a really sweet American kid and we talk the whole journey. He is really interesting and mature for his age (17) and I wish I had his confidence to go away when I was that young.

The journey takes an hour and a half and when we arrive  in Aquas Calientes, I cannot see this person who is meant to meet me, so have a total mare and phone Tom! The guy finally turns up and we walk to the hotel before I head out for some food.  Tom arrives a short while later and has a beer with me before we decide to visit the hot springs.

In the evening we meet the rest of group and guide before having a drink in Rasta bar, it’s a bit of a tourist trap here and really overpriced! I’ve got used to being lazy so am not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow 😦


Up at flipping 4.30am to apparently watch the sunrise…it’s been raining all night so who knows!

It’s a slightly more interesting breakfast of sugar puffs and warm milk.  The rest of the group is at the same hotel so we catch up with them over breakfast before making our way to the bus stop where crowds of people and buses line up the dark, rainy streets. It’s a short, overpriced, windy journey made all the better with travel tablets.

It’s a breathless uphill walk to a viewpoint where we perform a ridiculous breathing on cocoa leaves ritual (believe me it is beyond embarrassing) before the guide drones on and on and I totally zone out! The view is really unimpressive and I nearly fall asleep while the guide is talking…opppppss

I’m really disappointed as I expected to be on par with Angkor Wat or the temples in Hampi but it’s nothing but abandoned, plain ruins! Not sure why they charge so much for this and if I had any idea it was this dull I would have never wasted £350! Four boring hours in the pissing rain later and I exit the site to read a book and catch a bite to eat while Tom goes back in to take more pictures as he want to get his money’s worth 🙂

Back in Aquas Calientes Tom and I go for Chifa (Chinese) before meeting up with the rest of the group to head to the train station for the journey back to Cuzco.

At the station a German couple from our group have got engaged, I sort of expected Tom to propose and get even more pissed off when a massive diamond ring is shoved in my face by them.  My mood really shifts after this and I spend the rest of the journey in silence with Tom.

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