Making friends with skeletons in Lima!


Last night we out for dinner and had a chat, so everything is back to normal.

Tom and I are so fed up of boring jam and bread breakfasts that we go to Paddy’s Irish bar for a decent fry up and it’s the best breakfast that I’ve had so far in South America ūüôā To save time we’ve booked a flight back to Lima and within a few hours we’re touching down in the Capital.

Tom and I ¬†arrange a Green Taxi to take us to a hostel recommended by LP and it’s ¬†closed down and we find Hostal El Patio. It’s really costly but hey that is Lima and the room is beautiful, noise free with a little patio area with table and chairs for ¬£38.

In the evening we head to the main strip to get a cheap local meal before heading back to to our room to lounge out and watch TV, we only have this room for one night and are upgrading tomorrow to a more superior suite (it’s the only room left).


Tom has an old Peruvian flat mate called Alfredo who offers to take us for a bit of sightseeing and lunch and drinks . We have a super breakfast at the Guest House , fresh juice, tea with milk (horah), fruit salad, assorted breads, olive paste and jam. Tom is in bread heaven and I am in fruit heaven.  After stuffing ourselves silly at breakfast we change rooms and are even more pleased with this one it has a kitchen and is huge and a bargain at £48!

I get hooked into a film that is on my Lovefilm list while waiting for Alfredo to arrive.  He phones Tom and we meet him in reception.

First stop is a seafood lunch at La Mer, this place is very plush/costly but the food is exquisite and unsure of what to order we ask Alfredo to translate and are pleasantly surprised by the extravagant dishes;  seafood on coloured piped mash potato served on a boat! Tom orders a pot roast  and I go for seafood pasta which we top up with cocktails and beers leaving the bar a little tipsy and sleepy we head to the catacombs at the Monastery of San Francisco.



Alfredo disappears on a phone call before we get down to the crypt! Our guided tour is in¬†English¬†and not spoken very well and rushed so I have to ask Tom what is being said. The bones themselves are arranged in a strange order and Saul (our guide at Machu) explained that they belong to¬†Inca¬†lured there by the Catholics and killed on mass in the church! This is not explained to us on the tour, so it’s uncertain as to whether it’s truth or myth?

After this we have a coffee break before walking around Plaza Mayor to take a few snaps, Alfredo drops us back at the Guest House and collects Tom later on for drinks.

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