Our last stop is the city of the dead….Mexico City

30/3/13 – Mexico City

Arrive in Mexico City in and the evening and book a prepaid taxi to Hostal B & B Dos Fridas y Diego  which is a really artsy hostel named after Frida Kahlo  and Diego Rivera , it is decorated with their images in a contemporary and quirky style. The receptionist cannot open our room, so we get given a massive private dorm with three double beds in it, all for ourselves 🙂

It’s time to freshen up and get something to eat. The hostel is in an area near to a number of embassies so is really safe and has a whole strip of restaurants and bars close by and is a total contrast to the shaven-headed, tattooed, vest wearing  Mexicans in blacked-out cars hustling on every corner that I imagined! In fact the residents look totally normal and the architecture is more left over Spanish colonial mixed with modern designs.

Tom and I decided to stay in a bit more of a wealthier area just to be on the safe side as per usual our guide has tons of horror stories! Walking about we find a local restaurant and tuck into rather spicy tacos and Sol beer.

Feeling rather sleepy after our travelling this morning we head back and arrange a few trips with reception to visit Teotihuacan and the markets before we return back to the UK.


I wake up with yet another stomach upset but manage to get downstairs for a breakfast of yogurt, fruit and eggs on toast. Tom is in a hurry to get picked up for the full day Teotihuacan tour and I crawl back to bed to rest and do some blogging. It’s really disappointing as I have dreamed of visiting the Aztec temples for years but it seems that I’ll have to come back to Mexico on another trip 😦

Around 4pm, I ask reception to order me some Chinese food which I tuck into shortly before Tom arrives back from his trip. Apparently it was hot today and he had to queue for an hour to reach the top of the main temple, so I didn’t miss too much! On the upside he brought back a few gifts including a carved squirrel, owl, pendant with an Aztec God on it and letter opener (the owl is mine and so is the pendant).

Still full from lunch Tom opts out of dinner and decides to catch up on sleep in prep for tomorrow’s half day market tour.

1/4/13 – Last day

It’s our last day of travelling and I’ve managed to contact my brother to pick us up at Heathrow airport and save us a mammoth train journey home!

Tom and I pack up and eat our breakfast before heading out for the market tour. It’s a short metro journey and a walk before we arrive at Hostel Amigo which is running the tour. The guide informs us that if no one else is interested then the tour is cancelled? Not really impressed by this as we had been told that the tour was confirmed!

It turns out that no one else is interested in going, so we purchase a map from reception and make our own way via a detour at the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral which has a black jesus…WOOP WOOP

A few tube stops later and we’re at the La Merced Market before moving onto Mercodo de Senora.

Le Merced is full of really colourful displays of fruit and veg and Tom  happily snaps away before moving onto Mercodo de Senora which is really unusual selling exotic animals like peacocks (not sure how this would go down in the UK)  and a massive section on witchcraft, voodoo, black magic or whatever you want to call it another throw back from slavery times that seems to be mixed with Catholicism.  They sell all sorts of  candles, herbs and potions which is a little strange and creepy, especially the dolls!

After we are thoroughly marketed out it’s time for lunch and I forgot to mention the prostitutes  dressed in their finery lined up under umbrellas to keep them cool in the sun. It’s quite a spectacle and both us want to take some photographic evidence but fear repercussions from them or their pimps!

Moving on, a lot of areas are shut down for the Holy Week, so it takes a while ambling around the cobbled streets until we find a rather plush restaurant in an old spanish colonial style building.  Tom and I go for the menu of the day, which is massive; tacos and soup, crackers and chilli, main meals, dessert and lashings of beer 🙂

Feeling ready to go home, we go back and chill-out  for a bit before nabbing a quick shower, taxi and departing for the UK.

2/4/13 – Back in the UK

After a very peaceful flight we arrive at Heathrow and the drop in temperature hits me, so after picking up our baggage we do a quick change in the toilets before making our way to the exit point.

My brother and his wife have come to collect us with flowers, Easter eggs, Christmas pudding and champers to make up for all the holidays that we missed and to congratulate us on our engagement.

Overall it’s been an interesting experience (which has cost us an absolute fortune), moving around so much has been really tiring, so I think it will be awhile before we head anywhere again but most of all it’s made me value my family, friends and country more than I ever did before!

Thank you for following my blog and keep your eyes peeled for when I go on the next adventure 🙂

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